2009 Rickshaw Season Summary

The 2009 season was not the pinnacle of all Rickshaw Seasons. It had its moments, but clearly was not at 2008 season level.

Dad in 2009
Dad smiling and wearing a sweater vest while traveling in 2009.

The season came to an ugly end when Dad died in his experimental airplane, but to be honest, this season wasn’t comparable to the prior season regardless. After his death, I turned down what would have been a great night of Rickshaw because, in my own words at the time, “I just don’t have it in me.” It was hard. I did graduate from MBA school with nice marks, so life does go on, but Dad’s passing had a profound effect on me, including the 2009 Rickshaw Season.

Let’s look at the 2009 season highlights, shall we? The ultimate highlight was having Kelly and Faye on the Rickshaw for the Eagle Days Parade. Faye loves waving at the crowd, and Kelly got out of her shell a bit.

Doug and Mark rode on the back for a night out, which was fun. The next day was very interesting since I didn’t anticipate the calorie deficit I set myself up for, and I was hungry all day the next day. I finally pigged out that night during and after class. I’ll have to watch that in the future.

There’s never been a bad Rickshaw Season, and 2009 was no exception. The trips taken were enjoyable. Hearing Bryce tell me what he was observing while we were riding was wonderful. He wasn’t in a rolling tent behind me, he was with me on the Rickshaw.

I probably would have completed a dual child seat assembly for the Rickshaw in the 2009 season, but that was derailed by Dad’s passing. Oh well. It’ll be working for 2010. Kid trailers aren’t favorites anyhow, and after seeing the kids fight over who got to ride on the single seat last year, it became more clear that the assembly needs completion.

Neither of the top riders of prior years were even on the back this season. The #1 rider for the 2009 Rickshaw Season was Bryce. Certainly one of the easier pulls I’ve ever had.

Total mileage for the year: 73.37 miles (odometer reading at 204.29). The goal for the last two seasons was to clear 100 miles by the end. This year fell short, but I’m sure I’ll be back over the 100 mile mark in 2010.

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