A week without Rickshaw

I didn’t ride the Rickshaw all week. Why? Well, in part because I was on the Schwinn.

Saturday night, I rode up four benches (these are what the bluff-like steps up away from the river in Boise are called). Here’s the route, more or less:

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The Schwinn doesn’t really have the gear for climbing, so there’s some standing going on the get to the tops of the benches. From downtown to Gowen and Federal Way is a neat trip. The Federal Way bike highway is sweet.

The next day, Kelly wants to haul the kids by bike to Lucky Peak and back which is about ten miles each way. Here’s where things get ugly. I had the kid trailer hooked up to the Schwinn. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but I rode pretty hard the night before and my legs were wasted. We got there and back, and it was a great day. It was also a poor performance on my part. I stopped a lot and rode slow. We’ll have to do this ride again so I can redeem myself.

The Schwinn with the trailer, kids, and myself is about 300 lbs. The Rickshaw with me and no passengers comes to about 400 lbs.

My legs are sloppy today.

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