Hello, I’m Brock, your Rickshawala and host of RickshawSeason.com. This blog is dedicated to my Rickshawing missions, upgrades, and some training. I ride the Rickshaw and Pedicab for fun, it isn’t a business or anything like that. It is fun hauling friends around on the back and rolling through Boise, Idaho and the occasional Eagle, Idaho mission.

Here’s my 2005 China Vehicle Rickshaw:

Rickshaw with new canopy

» More about the China Vehicle Rickshaw

I bought a used 2003 Main Street Pedicab in 2010:

Bryce, Faye, Pedicab, and Greenbelt

» More about the Main Street Pedicab

I run both rides. The Rickshaw typically gets the more leisurely trips, and the night rides as well. The Pedicab gets most of the kid duty since their car seats strap in, and also the more demanding rides because it is up to the challenges.

I also have a cycling TV show called TV Cycle. It’s passive television, intentionally designed to have an excitement level somewhere between what is normally on your television and the picture on your wall. Check out TV Cycle.

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