2003 Main Street Pedicab

The newest (to me), and the most capable of the two rides is this 2003 Main Street Pedicab I picked up in May, 2010. It was beat, far from stock, and $670. New, these are $3400 so I have some room for upgrades. Some parts have since been replaced, and others remain. It’s a great ride, far nicer and more capable than the Rickshaw. 21 speeds, superb brakes, lighter, wider, more rigid, you name it. There’s reasons these cost 10x what my Rickshaw cost. This one has been beat on and is worse for wear, but is still a solid ride. You might be wondering, “What’s the difference between a pedicab and a rickshaw?” There really isn’t one, other than build and design. A pedicab is just a really nice, professional grade rickshaw. That’s it.

Bryce, Faye, Pedicab, and Greenbelt

The practical advantages of the Pedicab is that I can go on rides that I wouldn’t want to take the Rickshaw on due to speed, stability, capability, and safety issues. Someday I hope to ride the Pedicab across the state of Idaho, utilizing the Route of the Hiawatha and Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes.

The Pedicab was also far from stock by the time I bought it. Here’s parts replaced so far:

Part What happened? Action
Saddle It came with a non-original WTB mountain bike saddle. Not comfortable. Replaced with a Schwinn saddle made by Velo Replaced.
Handlebar It came with a non-original fairly straight Haro mountain bike handlebar. Like with the saddle, this was not appreciated, and was replaced with a WALD bar similar to what would be on there stock, but black and longer to accommodate the trigger shifters Replaced.
Trigger shifters It came with a non-original Shimano trigger shifter on the left and a highly worn stock grip twist shifter on the right. I far prefer the trigger shifters, so I kept the left on and had a Shimano trigger added to the right. Wonderful upgrade over stock Replaced.
Grips Stock, there was grip twist shifters on both sides. I received it with a highly worn stock grip on the right, and a highly worn Kona grip on the left. Both were replaced with wonderful Ergon GP1 grips. Excellent upgrade. Replaced.
Tires I’m not sure what would have been stock on there, but it came with two blackwall crusier tires on each side in the back and a knobby mountain bike tire in the front. The low PSI, knobby cruiser tires in the back were far from ideal. The extra knobby mountain bike tire up front was worse. They were replaced with Maxxis Hookworm tires all the way around (now running 80+ PSI) with Kenda downhill 2.25mm 26″ x 2.4″-2.75″ tubes, all loaded with slime. Yeah, I spent money on tires. Massive improvement in efficiency, and the handling up front is grossly improved. The weight had to have increased, but durability and handling did as well Replaced.

I’ll work on cosmetic and electrical issues next year I’d imagine, at least the electrical ones. There’s a tunnel on the Route of the Hiawatha that requires lights. Yeah, I could run cheaper lights, but might as well fix what this ride has since it’s mostly there other than a damaged front left turn signal and a missing battery.

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