Astroliner: One Month In

Here’s the update. I had three months to get this Astroliner working enough for Tour de Fat. Now I’m down to two months.

Today was a busy day. The following happened:

  1. The Astro is getting hauled about three miles away to get the motor removed. The motor will have a happy new Astro home.
    Astro getting hauled around… …again.

  2. The grill is off and I’ll paint it black.

    Here’s a mockup of “before” (but not really) and “after” (but not really). I like to fake things in photoshop.

So, there’s progress. This project is behind schedule at this point, but not so far behind that it’s ridiculous. When the motor is gone, I’ll have moved to the period of van destruction (removing the top of the van and the doors) and bike construction (adding the exercise bikes and related drivetrain). Somewhere in there, the whole process of trying to get the power steering and power brakes functional will hopefully happen. All said, the Astroliner doesn’t have to be pretty or complete for Tour de Fat 2017, and worry not, it won’t be.

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