To Barber Park and back

The kids and I rode from out home near 25th and State to Barber Park yesterday. The round trip was around 22 miles total including a dead end detour and some Boise State campus riding. Here’s a map that will give you an idea of where we went, it but lacks some serious accuracy:

Where the map is the most off is from around the Bown Crossing area to Ekert Road (the road in front of Barber Park). There’s a ton of new Greenbelt in there so I wasn’t along side Warm Springs on this trip like a would have been a few years ago. Here’s a look at some of the new Bown Crossing area via This Is Ambient:

We ended up crossing that bridge, then taking the concrete greenbelt path in the very front of the shot.

A couple unpleasant additions to this trip:

  1. I didn’t eat before I left.
  2. My light group isn’t working at present.
  3. It was late evening, and pretty close to dark on the last leg to home.

So, I ended up down on calories and riding hungry home since there was the whole battle for daylight.

It was a nice trip though, everyone had fun, and we made it back. Back when cycling was seasonal, I used to hope to reach 100 miles in a “Rickshaw Season”. I cleared over 20% of that in one ride yesterday. Times have changed. and I am a much more functional Rickshawala than I was in season one.

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  1. Hi Brock,

    I found a picture of your 2005 China Vehicle rickshaw while doing a Google Images search for custom canopies. I just got a pedicab this spring, and I’ve been pedaling it professionally all summer here in Eugene, Oregon. My friend and I are building a custom canopy for it, as the rainy season will begin any day now. Your canopy looks like exactly the kind I want. If you don’t mind, I would love to get some info from you on where you got your canopy, or if you built it, how you designed it. So if you want to talk about that, please email me! Thanks very much. Awesome blog, too.

    -Ashley Wright

  2. My wife cut and sewed the canopy, and used the original canopy is a template. The final wasn’t sized perfectly, but it didn’t matter. Close enough. The LEDs in the tassles was a huge upgrade and make night riding more fun while improving visibility for cars.

    The frame for that canopy came stock with the rickshaw. I’d like to figure out some way to have a canopy for the Main Street pedicab, so if you figure something out, please share.

    Just so you know, riding in the rain with a canopy is fun! I’m not sure about with Eugene amounts of rain, but with token Boise rain it’s FUN! With the canopy as it sits, if I have any kind of speed going, my legs do get a bit wet, but that’s it.

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