Buick Headbadge

(This entry backdated to August 23rd. Actual date: October 11, 2008)

The Rickshaw, much to my disappointment, never came with a headbadge. A headbadge is the marker plaque that is typically on the front of the frame of a bicycle. The Schwinn oval is a classic headbadge.

I bought a Schwinn cycle computer earlier in the year and moved the sticker from the packaging to the Rickshaw as a temporary headbadge, but I really wanted something more substantial. Bob and I headed out to Jalopy Jungle in Nampa in search of car badges that might make nice headbadges. There was some neat stuff out there. I had hoped for a Fiero badge but their Fiero had none left. The best looking of the group of badges acquired was a Saturn fender badge, but it was metal and plastic, and was not going to bend readily. The Buick 90th Anniversary fender badge was flexible, had the look, and was reasonably sized. That’s what I went with:

The assortment of badges we left with was $10 total and entry was $1, so my cost to return on the one used wasn’t so good, but Bob and I got to crawl around the junk yard for a while. The badge was a nice choice for Chinese Rickshaw use. China loves Buick.

Attachment was pretty simple. I dabbed a tiny amount of Gorilla Glue to the back of the badge. The badge needed to be held on to the frame for a while (24 hours at least) as the glue dried. Three zip ties solved that problem:

The zip ties were on there for the majority of the week and cut the night before Tour de Fat 2008 in Boise. It worked. The badge was bent and was staying on fine.

All in all a successful project. I’d saved some money if I’d come home with just the one badge, but I wanted to have multiple of them to stare at with the Rickshaw present. As I write over a month later, the badge is still holding nicely.

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