Canopy Materials Bought

Canopy Materials with Faye
It’s been a good week in rickshawdom. In preparation for the 2008 season, the canopy is getting replaced. Kelly said she wanted a sewing project. I offered canopy. She accepted.

Here’s what I’ve got:

  • Canopy fabric: Vinyl with snakeskin pattern. It goes great with the charcoal black frame while adding extra cheese. Should be durable enough to take on tree limbs, too. Cost: About $14. (clearance rack)
  • LED Christmas lights: 2 sets of battery powered Christmas lights. LEDs for efficiency and long life, 20 per assembly. I bought 2 of these in late 2006/early 2007 from Wal-Mart in seasonal clearance mode. Glad I did. Lights=fun, style, and safety. Cost: Don’t remember.
  • Fringe: Ah yes, glorious black and gold fringe with tassels. Really upped my cost and lowers my durability, but worth it for the look I’m thinking. Cost: $17. (60% off normal price, 7 feet needed)

This’ll add a trivial amount of drag (probably) and weight (absolutely) to the Rickshaw. Most importantly, it’ll add cheese.

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