2007 Rickshaw Season Summary

The 2007 Rickshaw Season was the best of the first two easily. More passengers. More miles. More fun.

The first mission was taking a (then) 300 lbs (+ I bet) Joe Lake from his place at State and Veterans to Hyde Park. That’s an uphill haul with over 700 lbs. rolling. Not an ideal first mission. Indeed, I stopped 2 or 3 times if I recall. But I made it. I was better the rest of the season.

The first event of the year (Eagle Fun Days parade) was nice. I got to haul some of my favorite people in the world (my Mom and my Son) and get some ride in too. Some friends were off to live in China for work and we had the Rickshaw out for their going away party, which was fun. I did not enter the Rickshaw into the Tour de Fat. Between route changes and learning how to ride the Rickshaw without breaking it, I could have finished the Tour de Fat 2007. But no, the Roadmaster Luxury Liner got the glory.

Doug rode on the back sometime mid-season, and took the only video we have from the season with his cell phone. Notice the old canopy is lame, and the old headlight on the handlebars is huge:

My season Rickshaw Engine highlight was late in the season. Passenger Brother Bob and I were headed downtown. There was a (big by car terms) split between a Miata and a herd of cars that had stacked at a stop light. I’m looking at this and thinking “I can shoot the gap no problem”. Keep in mind there’s an incline here too. Well, I dig in a bit too hard and actually have to slow down a bit on my approach. Even with that, I made the split (which in car terms was huge) very convincingly. This was the highlight of the season as far as Engine performance. I wouldn’t have pulled that off on day one, and certainly wouldn’t have tried.

(I’m backdating this entry, actual date is April 15, 2008)