What a Tuesday! (part two)

It all started on Monday night at about 10:30pm. I got a call to come look at a 2003 Main Street Pedicab for sale. It’s been beat on, but it’s cheap. “Oh my!” I’m thinking. This isn’t the best time for me to be buying stuff, but it’s a full professional grade Pedicab! For well under a $1000!

So, after looking at it in person the next day and some talking, it’s a done deal. $670 for this far from mint specimen. We agree I’ll pick it up in the afternoon. Then, I’m off to the home to put the Rickshaw on a trailer for the McMillan Elementary presentation (see part one). After the presentation, we put the Rickshaw back on the trailer, hauled it home, unloaded it, and then it was time to pickup up the Pedicab. Joe hauled me up the bench to get it, and became my first Pedicab passenger in the process. Here’s a picture Joe took with me and the Pedicab after we went on my first ride:

Picking up the Pedicab
Picking up the Pedicab on day one. (May 4, 2010)

It looks better in this picture than up close, and this is the good side. The stage left fender is really messed up, but the replacement is $40 (plus whatever shipping I’d imagine). It saw a 3.5 mile ride home. Here’s the initial impressions:

  1. Comparing this Main Street Pedicab to my Rickshaw is like comparing a BMW to a Yugo. Far superior build, stability, braking, engineering, you name it.
  2. No worries taking this down the bench on Capitol Boulevard on the way home. The brakes mean business!
  3. It needs some work. The 21 speed needs dialed in, and I really dislike the mountain bike handlebars on there. These things will be addressed soon. Some cosmetic issues and possible enhancements will also be done later.

I’m sure I’ll have more about this in future entries. The Pedicab will allow me to do things I’ve been wanting to do, such as entering local cycling events with a passenger. It is a much more stable, solid, and capable machine than the Rickshaw.

After looking at Google Maps, I’m guessing I put 3.7 miles on the Pedicab for the day.

(Backdated to date of purchase. Actual post date: May 9, 2010)

53 Miles Per Burrito (and other stickers)

My Rickshaw has a valance panel below the luggage rack. Here’s the stickers currently on there:

I added the 53 Miles Per Burrito sticker today. It was bought at Tour de Fat Boise 2009. I doubt the Rickshaw gets that good of mileage, and in fact this sticker was designed with bicycles in mind.

The “This driver shares the road with cyclists” sticker is from the Treasure Valley Cycling Association and trimmed slightly to fit. The Schwinn sticker is from the odometer packaging. Speaking of the odometer, it is currently sitting at 209.90 miles. Bryce and I went on a short ride today.

16 Miles of Selfishness

My friend Bob came by and we started a ride that ended up going about 16 miles, which is quite a haul for the Coker Monster Cruiser. I started at my home off 25th and State (Boise, Idaho) and made it to Fairview and Maple Grove, and from there Bob continued west and I headed north and west to the area of McMillan and Five Mile. I started heading back home from there, riding a fair portion on Mountain View. While riding Mountain View, I had a feeling most people on a bicycle probably never experience: I felt a little selfish.

I thought “Hey, the kids would enjoy this”, and indeed they would have. I don’t have the child seat assembly completed for the Rickshaw yet, but it’s a higher priority now. I’ve joked for a few years now that “Riding a bicycle is selfish. When you have a rickshaw, you share.” Today, I learned there’s some actual truth to that. I’m glad I went on the ride, but would have enjoyed sharing it with some passengers. I need to get that seat assembly done.

Introducing the 2010 Rickshaw Season!

What a wonderful day in Boise, Idaho. The temperature was over 60 degrees. Kelly mentioned me picking up some pizza for the family, and Bryce was to go with me. He thought, unprompted, the way to pick up pizza was with the Rickshaw. So, that’s what happened. I aired up the tires, Kelly put a child seat on the back, and off went Bryce and myself to the land of pizza (Papa Murphy’s). On the way back, I talked with a guy who has a project rickshaw which sounded interesting. Once back at home, it was photo op time.

Rickshaw, kids, a pizza (on the back seat) and construction in front of the house.
Rickshaw, kids, a pizza (on the back seat) and construction

Faye hopped on the back, and Kelly decided it was only fair that she got the ride back to the garage, so Bryce was deported shortly thereafter, and Faye was in the car seat. This should prove to be a short term problem, thankfully.

Goals for the 2010 Rickshaw Season

  1. Go at least 100 miles
  2. Have fun
  3. Get the child seat assembly done

Goals 1 and 2 are both probably going to be met, unless something surprising happens (like last year). The third, the child seat assembly, is the fresh goal for this season. It’s a board with two child seats mounted on it that replaces the bottom seat board on the back. I have a hunch it’ll be done before the midway point in the season. I already have the materials, it just needs to get done.