A week without Rickshaw

I didn’t ride the Rickshaw all week. Why? Well, in part because I was on the Schwinn.

Saturday night, I rode up four benches (these are what the bluff-like steps up away from the river in Boise are called). Here’s the route, more or less:

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The Schwinn doesn’t really have the gear for climbing, so there’s some standing going on the get to the tops of the benches. From downtown to Gowen and Federal Way is a neat trip. The Federal Way bike highway is sweet.

The next day, Kelly wants to haul the kids by bike to Lucky Peak and back which is about ten miles each way. Here’s where things get ugly. I had the kid trailer hooked up to the Schwinn. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but I rode pretty hard the night before and my legs were wasted. We got there and back, and it was a great day. It was also a poor performance on my part. I stopped a lot and rode slow. We’ll have to do this ride again so I can redeem myself.

The Schwinn with the trailer, kids, and myself is about 300 lbs. The Rickshaw with me and no passengers comes to about 400 lbs.

My legs are sloppy today.

Rickshaw Season 2008 has officially started!

Rickshaw with new canopy
Ah yes, springtime! The canopy was put on today, and though there’s still some issues to resolve, it goes on and it was time for the first ride of the season. I pump up the tires, Kelly and Faye hop on, and off we go. We went a little over a mile if I had to guess, just a loop south of the house and back home.

Training paid off:
I’m in way better shape beginning this season, no comparison. The training rides have paid off. I made good time, had really good power, and wasn’t tired or notably winded when I hopped off.

Canopy is coming along:
It isn’t perfect but has come along nicely so far (see picture):

  • The front sags down a little low
  • The Velcro is not sufficient. We’re gonna need more to hold that puppy on.
  • The battery boxes for the lights (which are integrated into the fringe, click on the thumbnail for a larger view) need to have a home. They’re hanging loose right now.

I’m stoked about the 2008 Rickshaw Season. There’ll probably be some annoyances with the upgrades taking place while I’m hoping to ride, but so far that has been minimal. Getting the wheel trued early was a good idea. It is nice to not have the back wobble as you roll down the road.

2008 Pre-season Update 2

The Rickshaw has had the right rear wheel on it for a while now, but the canopy hasn’t received the final fitting yet. I went to find the odometer in the garage and the wheel sensor is gone. Uuugh!

I thought it might be fun to have a different training ride for a while. So, I’m borrowing Joe’s Giant Simple Single. It looks 95%+ like the factory picture shown. I am a fan of this bike. A great bike for lots of people: comfy, nice ride geometry, reasonable style (needs fenders). If you’re looking for first cruiser, look at the Giant Simple Single.

I took the Giant for a training ride to Lucky Peak Dam (the bottom) on Saturday night. A nice ride, somewhere over 20 miles. The Giant made it way easier than taking the Schwinn. It is geared lower, it rolls faster, and it is lighter. The ride isn’t as comfy (seat, no springer front fork) but not bad, certainly nicer than the average bike.

2008 Pre-season Update

2005 Schwinn Classic Cruiser (April 2008)I still haven’t logged a single mile on the Rickshaw yet. The canopy is 90%+ done right now. The canopy frame had a burr in the metal from the time it was new. I bought a $2 file from Harbor Freight and it took minutes to smooth that off. Cake. Now Kelly’s handiwork should be safe from the canopy frame causing damage.

I’ve gone on some training rides, and as of last week could complete the 2007 Tour de Boise route in 1.5 hours on the Schwinn Classic Cruiser (pictured). That’s 10 MPH average, and there’s stretches I don’t pedal since the single speed Schwinn gears out sometimes downhill. I need to average 5 MPH on the Rickshaw. Not easy, but with gears it might be doable.