Coker Monster Cruiser

Lookie what I picked up in December of 2009, a Coker Monster Cruiser!

Monster Cruiser
Coker Deluxe Monster Cruiser

This is an earlier deluxe model, no longer in production. It is not modded, and has the factory black paint, chrome fenders, headlight, leather pouch, and Persons leather saddle. These were expensive new (over $1000 I believe), but thanks to boise.craigslist, I picked up this rare specimen in great condition for $275. Score!

Here’s my Coker featured one week on TV Cycle:

Here it is with my 1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser:

Coker Monster Cruiser vs. Schwinn
Size comparison between the Coker Monster Cruiser and a 1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser

Those are 36 inch tires on the Coker, compared to 26 inchers in the Schwinn. The seat is sitting at the lowest height setting in the picture and I need to lift it a little for my height (6 foot). As you might imagine, this ride gets some looks. Not nearly what the Rickshaw gets, but compared to the Schwinn it’s crazy.

One great thing about the Coker is the inefficiency. It’s a quicker and easier ride than the Rickshaw, though. I’ve enjoyed the Coker and am glad I bought it.

So, if you want to ride a bicycle with some size and mass, I recommend the Coker Monster Cruiser. Another great way to extend the S.U.V.-like “More is more” mentality to cycling. Two wheeled fun!

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  1. I just bought the same bike while I was on vacation in Las Vegas.
    The pouch was missing and it had been left out side for a number of years.
    I’ve got it home and have been working on it to get it road ready again.

  2. I just bought a brand new one from Coker Tire. They no longer make the deluxe monster cruiser, it now comes in red and 3-speed. I am going to make my own “deluxe cruiser” by painting the frame black and buying the chrome fenders, leather bag, and seat from coker tire, they stil have “new old stock”. Hey Owen, if you need some parts for your restoration I have brand new fenders (red), chainguard (red), and a new brown seat. Let me know. You can reach me at

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