Craigslist Boise bikes section strikes again, and again…

The bikes section of Boise craigslist has no mercy. First, there was the Coker Monster Cruiser late last year. Then, the Main Street Pedicab. This week brought more from two different sellers. My wife picked up a Nirve Lahaina 3 Speed, and then last night I bought the Wald rear rack/baskets assembly. Here it is on the Schwinn:

1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser with a big Wald basket rack on the back
Ready to haul!

There’s barely enough room in the side basket for a gallon of milk, but it works. My MBA bag fits in one side, which is nice. I may not go back to ever having a box on there, I don’t know yet. What I do know is this thing weighs in at over 7 lbs. and has some hauling capacity. The real test is use over time, and it’ll be getting that over the summer. So far, a neat rack. They’re around $40 – $50 new I believe. This one is used, with a few bent basket bars which I’ve straightened, but nothing severe. Cost: $10.

I did lose my LED tail light that I modded and mounted to the old Swiss clamp rack, but we had a Bell tail light sitting around that no longer had a mounting bracket, so I took it. Two zip ties later and it appears to be reasonably mounted to the new rack. The Bell LED tail light is much brighter than the one that is on the old rack.

With the Wald rack on there, the Schwinn (my lightest bike) should be weighing in at over 50 lbs now. The Roadmaster is still heavier, and closer to 60 lbs. Who knows what the Coker weights in at, but it has to be more than the Roadmaster is.

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