Introducing the (new to me) Main Street Pedicab

Here’s the 2003 Main Street Classic Pedicab I picked up used earlier this month. It’s the same as when I got it, other than I removed one of the two New Belgium stickers from the back. This ride will change over the next year. It’s getting new tires, handlebars, grips, and a shifter as part of stage one. It’ll likely have a new seat by the end of the season as well. I may work out some of the cosmetic ends in year two.

As mentioned in the video, this pedicab has seen some action, and is hardly sitting stock. The wiring is a mess, the handlebars are likely not original, the RockShox front fork is not stock, and it seems very likely the crank arms and left shifter have also been replaced.

The tires are two 35 PSI knobby cruiser tires on the back and one extra knobby mountain bike tire on the front. The mountain bike tire is extremely annoying. It vibrates, is noisy, and clearly does not belong.

Here’s a link to the manufacturer’s page for the “Classic Pedicab”, which is what mine is:
» Product page

For added amusement, see the Road & Track Magazine, which reviews automobiles, had some fun reviewing a Main Street Pedicab earlier this year:
» R&T review

Here’s the Road & Track “Data Panel” for the Classic Pedicab in the same style they’ve used on cars for years now (PDF format):
» R&T Data Panel

5 Replies to “Introducing the (new to me) Main Street Pedicab”

  1. Not too bad of shape for a 2003, I own a 2004 MSP Classic – you can see photos of it in my photo galleries at My recommendation for tires: Maxxis Hookworms, rated at 65 PSI, I run mine at 85 PSI and they’re great.

  2. Thanks! I went with the Maxxis Hookworms. I feel even better about after reading your recommendation.

  3. Thanks for the video Brock – I had wondered what these *really* looked like.

    I can totally appreciate the need for a more efficient ride – but I hope you keep using the rickshaw too – it is just so charming!

    Also the pic of you with the kids & pizza is adorable 🙂 i hope your kids appreciate it 🙂

  4. Pops,
    What tubes do you run with the Hookworms?

    (by the way, my tires arrived on Friday)

  5. ‘Deep,

    I fully intend to keep the Rickshaw and the Pedicab both rolling. The Rickshaw will be doing more fun duty and the Pedicab will be used for more practical missions.

    …and the kids really to dig the rides.


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