Schwinn SW500NM odometer added

Well, as mentioned before, the magnet for Kelly’s Specialized odometer is missing (and might not have worked with the thick Rickshaw spokes anyway) and I was not liking the defeat. Well, for under $10 including tax from Walmart on a Sunday, I now have an odometer. It is on and installed. A similar Bell brand odometer was $15 at Fred Meyer. This 12 function Schwinn SW500NM was a lot cheaper.

Installation was cake. Zip ties (included) hold everything on the handlebars and front fork. The cable makes things a bit uglier, but oh well, I get data now. The unit seems reasonably well made and the instructions were reasonable. Some of the other cheap odometer units (commonly called a “cycle computer”) on the market have little magnets designed to clip onto standard spokes only. The Rickshaw doesn’t have standard spokes… …they’re nutty huge. Thankfully, the Schwinn has support for standard spokes and flat spokes. Though the spokes are hardly flat, they do work in the wider flat spokes side of the magnet assembly. I just put it on there and hand tightened it down.

Odometer wheel magnet

They have a table in the manual for calibrating the SW500NM for different sizes of wheels. I first calibrated the Schwinn to what I thought was the closest description of my wheels. That was off by between 4% and 5%. After some calculating and some trial runs in relation to what the 1999 Dodge Caravan said was half a mile, I came up with a wheel value of 2044. It seems really close.

Now that I have an cycle computer on the Rickshaw, I’ll know mileage, speeds, and time of day. The clock will likely prove handy. Wouldn’t have minded having a clock yesterday. Totally worth the $10.

Schwinn name badge sticker

The odometer’s packaging had a Schwinn logo sticker on the plastic and I had some fun with that too. There was no name badge on the Rickshaw, but now there’s a Schwinn sticker up there.

I’d like have something else up there, but that sticker made me giggle and it’s better than nothing.

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