Oops, did I say the Rickshaw Season was over?

I was going to ride the Schwinn to check out Joyride Cycles bicycle shop in Hyde Park here in Boise, but my son wanted to go with me. Next thing I know, my daughter did too. So, it was pedicab time. I declared the 2010 Rickshaw Season over yesterday. Oops.

Pedicab with Bryce and Faye riding. December 2010.

It was a neat shop. They’re clearly focused on mountain bikes, and there was maybe 2 fat tire cruisers in there. People in bike shops are usually pretty cool, and that was the case today.

We left there, went by Camel’s Back Park (just a little north) and then back home. It was a fun little ride. The kids were having fun seeing the holiday lights, and they stayed warm thanks to coats, hats, mittens, and a blanket. I guess the 2010 Rickshaw Season hasn’t ended just yet.

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