New saddle for Father’s Day

Father’s Day comes and Kelly is so thoughtful and makes sure I get a new Schwinn “Dual-density saddle” (item#: SW75961-2) for the Pedicab. What a nice surprise. It’s made by Velo. We have other Velo saddles around here. The Torker saddle on my Schwinn, Kelly’s Nirve saddle, and the Bell saddle on Kelly’s Giant are all made by Velo. Here’s a picture of the Schwinn Velo:

Schwinn SW75961-2 saddle

It’s a cruiser saddle, but has a hole in the middle like some of the performance saddles these days. I didn’t care at all for the non-original mountain bike saddle that came with the Pedicab, and now it’s gone. The new one is much more comfortable.

The kids and I went for a ride to Veterans Memorial Park, and then took the Greenbelt back home. Bryce especially enjoys the “bike road”. Me too.

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