Brake Pedal removed (finally)

The brake pedal gets chopped offThe Rickshaw had a goofy brake foot pedal that was in the way when pedaling from day one. Joe was on the back one time and said something to the extent of “Why are you pedaling with your right foot out odd like that?” and I explained that I would kick the foot brake pedal otherwise. He noted that we should cut the thing off since it isn’t used (the hand lever is used for braking). Finally, today I go to Harbor Freight, spend about $3.50 on a saw, put the metal cutting blade in, and get to work. The foot brake pedal is now, at long last, gone. The Rickshaw is about 9 oz lighter (meaningless in the Rickshaw world, but a road bike guy would be very pleased).

For a better view of where the brake pedal was in relation to the regular pedals, click on the picture. This was a great mod: cheap (free if one doesn’t count the saw), effective, reasonably quick, and is one of the few done that actually lowered the weight of the Rickshaw instead of making it heavier.