Brother Bob gig haul 2010 to Shangri-La Tea Room

I hauled Boise’s own Brother Bob to an acoustic guitar gig by rickshaw a couple years ago. This year it was a different gig, more distance, a bench climb, more equipment, and a different ride since I used the pedicab.

Bob got everything loaded up and we climbed up the bench on Capitol Boulevard by the Boise Depot. I took a few stops on the way up, but was by no means wasted by the time I got to the top. The trip down Federal Way was complicated by the sidewalk that leads to the bike path being closed, which put me on the other side of the street with shrubs hitting the left side and later having to deal with a narrow sidewalk that the pedicab barely fit on. Thankfully, I never encountered any pedestrians.

Brother Bob on the pedicab outside of Shangri-La Tearoom
Brother Bob in front of the Shangri-La Tea Room just before dark

Bob’s gig at the Shangri-La tea room ends and it’s getting dark. The pedicab doesn’t have a working light group at the present, but Bob’s working flashlights and clip-on LED bike reflectors for me and so we’re visible. We make it down the bench and home. The disc brakes handle the way down wonderfully.

(Backdated to day of the ride. Actual date: Aug 17, 2010)

How to get to that acoustic guitar gig?

My friend Bob had a gig in a park tonight on acoustic guitar. It was about 11 blocks away. I volunteered to take him.

Brother Bob loading to get to the gig

I dropped him off (to a comment something to the extent of “Way to travel in style, Brother Bob!”) and he’ll call later for the ride back. I’ve been wanting to do the gig haul for a while, just for the sheer novelty.