15+ miles of pedicab goodness

The kids and I went on a crazy ride tonight in Boise. We went from 25th and State to Ustick and 5 Mile to Glenwood and State. From there, we took the Greenbelt to Veterans Park, and then the back roads to 25th and State. Here’s a mostly correct map, with most of the error being the Chinden section, which was actually done by crossing on the new 36th Street Greenbelt bridge and then riding alleys near Chinden.

What made this ride crazy was the weather. It was threatening rain the whole time, and from the time we entered Veterans Park to home, I saw large tree limbs drop, it was starting to rain, and the wind seriously picked up. I booked it home!

It was a fun trip. I took on the Ustick bench climb on quite convincingly (a tailwind didn’t hurt). Once up the bench, the Ustick bike lane gets a little narrow around some of the intersections. We had some tasty sandwiches and Cheetos at Uncle Giuseppe’s, which I recommend. We were all a little wet by the time I parked the pedicab. All in all, a choice pedicab adventure.

Downtown Boise and Deli Days

Bryce and I went on a fun trip today. We dropped off paperwork downtown and then went to Congregation Ahavath Beth Israel synagogue for Boise’s annual Deli Days. Here’s a somewhat correct map:

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So, around seven and a half miles for the whole trip. Bench climbed on Capitol by the Boise Depot. Actually went by the depot and rode in some gravel, which the pedicab, and especially the Maxxis Hookworms, took like a champ. Here’s a picture of Bryce and myself at the synagogue just before we left.

Bryce and Pedicab outside the Congregation Ahavath Beth Israel synagogue for Deli Days

My pastrami sandwich was tasty. Going down Americana proved to be a challenge since they had signs in the way. We crossed the street and went down the other sidewalk. Bryce spotted the greenbelt, so we hopped on it at Ann Morrison Park. We crossed the river on the bridge there, and then went through town on the way home. A great ride, about half the length of the ride coming up on Sunday.

Rickshaw and Pedicab Sunday

Four rides today, three on the Rickshaw and one on the Pedicab:

  • I rode the Rickshaw to pick up Faye Faye from Winco, and we both headed back. Fun. Managed to circle the fountain at the Grove along the way.
  • Faye and I went to Bikes2Boards on the Rickshaw to look for some thick tubes for my Pedicab, but they didn’t have the size I wanted, unfortunately. They had a size up, though.
  • Bryce and I went to Albertsons for hamburger buns on the Rickshaw.
  • Bryce, Faye, and myself were on the Pedicab while Kelly rode along on her new (to her) Nirve three speed cruiser.

Kelly said we rode about five miles on the Pedicab evening ride, and the Rickshaw odometer is reading 235.55 miles, or roughly 12.5 miles over the last five days.

Tonight’s Pedicab ride was interesting for a variety of reasons. It was the first time we had two child seats on either one of the rides. The Main Street has seat belts. The child car seats are designed to lock in from seat belts, and the Pedicab is wide enough to hold two seats. Problem solved.

Brock standing while Bryce and Faye are in child car seats strapped to the Pedicab in June, 2010

Very near where the picture above was taken, a grazing deer was just on the other side of the fence from the path.

Deer near the rail bridge, Boise, Idaho
Oh, deer!

And yes, we climbed the rail bridge path off the Greenbelt all the way up to Orchard, The first bench climb for the Pedicab, at least with this Rickshawala at the helm. I was geared down and going slow. Three straight days of riding and my legs are getting soft.

The chain came off twice, always while shifting. I can’t wait for Brad to start in on the Pedicab tomorrow. Each time I mentioned to Bryce that Brad was going to fix it correctly (as opposed to me just getting the chain back on). After we came home tonight, Bryce was quick to point out that Brad has tools, and he’s going to fix the Pedicab.

Bryce and the Pedicab see the Boise Greenbelt

The Pedicab has nice new parts. Unfortunately, they haven’t been installed yet. It needs them. Well, new parts or not, it was time to ride today, farther than I intended when I left. That happens sometimes.

Bryce and I headed out on the pedicab, which it turns out has seat belts, so mounting a child seat is cake. I decided to give it the Boise Greenbelt test, something you’d never want to with the Rickshaw (I know from experience). Well, it handled the root bumps and sideways grades with ease. The inclines were also nicely handled. There’s advantages to having 21 speeds.

We rode out to the Warm Springs Golf Course leg of the Greenbelt, and stopped for food and drink. After that, I decided we’d go to Bown Crossing. So, we kept heading down the Greenbelt until the bridge was in sight. It appears there’s a nice new bridge where you turn off to go to the Bown area, but I don’t know for sure because the bridge was not open. But, there’s a steep (by rickshaw standards) dirt incline to the Warm Springs Avenue. No way I’d try this with the Rickshaw, but the Pedicab can probably handle it fine. I drop it into the lowest gear, and I do lose traction in the drive wheel a few times, but I make the climb. Now up, there’s a short jog and another connection through the dirt. This time, it is downhill and far from perfectly even. Again, a scary proposition with the Rickshaw, but the Pedicab handles it wonderfully. The brakes are fantastic.

We make it across the bridge and to Bown and then head back on the other side of the river. Some headwind picks up, and I’m far from fresh as well, but we keep going. The Greenbelt is closed due to flooding at the Park Center Bridge, so I turn around, stop, and hang around with Bryce on the back for few minutes. It’s time to go again, and we cross the Park Center Bridge on the nice wide sidewalk area. We continue to head home, and I want to rest, and I want to eat. So, off to Carl’s Jr. for some more food and drink. Rested and fueled, it’s time to continue heading home, so we do. Not long after, the chain drops off while shifting. I fix it in front of NNU Boise and then go in to wash the grease of my hands. Then we’re off again, and we make it home. Total trip was about 15-16 miles judging by what Google Maps reported.

Shortly after we pull up, Kelly and Faye appear and Kelly takes this picture.

Bryce, Brock, and the Pedicab in 2010

Like the Rickshawalas I saw in India, this Rickshawala also likes to hang out on the back of the ride sometimes. We hung out for a while, and then it was time to pack the Pedicab away.

Some conclusions from the ride:

  1. The Pedicab is very capable. Inclines, declines, sideways grades, bumps, you name it. Far, far better performance than the Rickshaw. I climbed the Friendship Bridge between Boise State and Julia Davis starting from a stop and the Pedicab and myself handled it very convincingly. As mentioned above, in the area around the Bown Crossing bridge, I did a climb and a descent in the dirt and both went quite well.
  2. The handlebars, tires (especially the knobby on front), grips, twist shifter on the right, and seat are crap. Also, the 21 speed needs to be set up. Thankfully, Brad will be dialing all that in next week and installing the new parts. I have a fix for everything but the seat in the works.
  3. Bryce seems to like riding as much as I like being the Rickshawala. It was another great Father and Son trip.
  4. I don’t think I’ll be finishing that seat assembly for the Rickshaw. Just strap in the seats to the Pedicab and all is good. Time will tell, but the problem looks solved.

Boise Bike Week ends on a high note

With some great passengers, Mom and Faye

Today was the end of Boise Bike Week, and it ended with the highlight day for me, the Pedal Power Parade. It was uphill to the start, where we waited until a good 30 minutes after the official start time to start. Blah blah blah! Mom shared the back of the Rickshaw with both Bryce and Faye (alternating) during the ride. Kelly rode along side with her Giant Simple Single and a kid trailer.

The ride to Julia Davis Park was nice. Having the speedometer is fun. I was peaking at around 11-12 MPH. Depending on the situation, I run out of gear.

Boise Bike Week 2008 at Julia Davis

At Julia Davis (pictured above), I got free pizza, a salad, snack mix, Oreos and water. Thank you Old Chicago and Boise Bike Week. I took the Greenbelt part way home, so Bryce got some tunnels in. The trip was 7 miles, putting the odometer at 18.4 miles.

More Boise Bike Week 2008
As seen in the picture on the right (click it for a large view), I added some letters for the back saying “RICKSHAW SEASON.COM” (about $2.30 a package at Wal-Mart, but it took multiple Wal-Marts to find two sets of the letters I wanted) and I heard at least one person say it during the event, so it was effective. It took two packages of letters to accomplish the task, and I had to fab a lowercase ‘l’ into a period. Cake.