Oops, did I say the Rickshaw Season was over?

I was going to ride the Schwinn to check out Joyride Cycles bicycle shop in Hyde Park here in Boise, but my son wanted to go with me. Next thing I know, my daughter did too. So, it was pedicab time. I declared the 2010 Rickshaw Season over yesterday. Oops.

Pedicab with Bryce and Faye riding. December 2010.

It was a neat shop. They’re clearly focused on mountain bikes, and there was maybe 2 fat tire cruisers in there. People in bike shops are usually pretty cool, and that was the case today.

We left there, went by Camel’s Back Park (just a little north) and then back home. It was a fun little ride. The kids were having fun seeing the holiday lights, and they stayed warm thanks to coats, hats, mittens, and a blanket. I guess the 2010 Rickshaw Season hasn’t ended just yet.

Father and Son Rickshaw Journey

Bryce and I were going to go on a bike ride our normal way, with my Schwinn hooked up to the In Step kid trailer. Well, it was a little wet out with clouds overhead. I could have canceled but the little dude was stoked for a ride. Well, the Rickshaw does have a full canopy…

I took Bryce’s car seat out of the “Big Rig” (our van) and put it on the foot grate on the Rickshaw. Kelly checked it out, we tried mounting the seat up in the seat area (which failed), and then went back to the grate area. This is where Bryce ended up riding. It wasn’t perfect. Bryce had to keep his feet up to give me pedaling room, but he didn’t mind.

Bryce and his car seat

We went to the bank downtown, then to Hyde Park, and finally back home. It was the classic triangle ride but in reverse. There was a light rain for a little bit of the trip and between wind and my speed I got a little wet up front but the Rickshaw canopy for the most part kept me dry, and Bryce was doing well behind me.

Bryce and I will have to ride again. He enjoys riding. The biggest difference between the Rickshaw and a bike/trailer setup is Bryce talks and makes observations to me, since he’s riding with me instead of being isolated off in the trailer. It was pretty cool. It was a pretty good ride, but Bryce wanted more, requesting we go on a bike ride after returning to the garage and seeing the Schwinn and trailer sitting there.

The classic Hyde Park and Downtown triangle… …now with car fire!

Yesterday night’s rides were interesting. First, there was a Wedding. I’ll have more on that when I get photos back. The second trip of the night was with Bob, and we did the classic ‘home > Hyde Park > Downtown > home’ triangle.

First, we went to Hyde Park were both of us ran into people we knew. The new semi-enclosed patio area at Parilla Grill was nice. People were also out at Hyde Park Pub.

We hopped back on the Rickshaw and it was time to head to downtown. We decide to go to the Neurolux. On the way we see this Dodge Durango with an interior fire in the front seat area. Bob captured this picture with has camera phone:
Dodge Durango on fire

The fire department got the fire out quickly. They did this with lots of water, and in fact we could see water coming out the bottom of the drivers door. Very entertaining for us, probably less so for the owner of the Durango.

We go the last block to the Neuro and they have a $3 cover. We weren’t hanging out there all night so we left. We decide to check out The Modern Hotel and Bar on Grove, but the bar was closed for the night. Oh well, onto Gil’s K9 (which is at 25th and Main) and then back home. On the way back home, the chain starts slipping continually worse and worse. We make it back but it was time to give the Rickshaw a rest.

All in all, a fun non-event ride.

The classic Hyde Park, downtown loop

The most popular Rickshaw trip over the last 3 seasons has been from home at 25th and State to Hyde Park, to downtown, and back home. Today’s trip involved Kelly (wife) and the kids (Bryce @ 3yrs, Faye @ 1yr). There’s a variety of these loops done. More often than not, it is a nighttime trip with all the lights on, but today, it was a long trip to the Post Office with the family on the back.

We went through Hyde Park and didn’t stop, then made it to the downtown post office to drop off some mail. From there, it was time to go down 8th Street to The Grove. For those of you unfamiliar with Boise, Idaho, here’s a picture of The Grove:

The Grove was the city blocks surrounding the downtown intersection of 8th Street and Grove originally, but was turned into one huge block with new buildings and a fountain in the center of a common area. That area is used for events including Alive After Five, which we biked to last night.

Anyway, we did a couple loops round the fountain and headed home, going a chunk of the way back on the Grove Street bike lane. The whole trip came to 4.1 miles and the Odometer reads 23.6 miles.

The canopy is having some issues:
1. It is insufficiently attached. It was trying to blow off, and some of the velcro straps were coming loose.
2. The front is too low, and the velcro retainers up there aren’t holding the front up very long. They give while riding and my visibility goes down.

The canopy is going to need some work before the Eagle Fun Days parade this weekend.