16 Miles of Selfishness

My friend Bob came by and we started a ride that ended up going about 16 miles, which is quite a haul for the Coker Monster Cruiser. I started at my home off 25th and State (Boise, Idaho) and made it to Fairview and Maple Grove, and from there Bob continued west and I headed north and west to the area of McMillan and Five Mile. I started heading back home from there, riding a fair portion on Mountain View. While riding Mountain View, I had a feeling most people on a bicycle probably never experience: I felt a little selfish.

I thought “Hey, the kids would enjoy this”, and indeed they would have. I don’t have the child seat assembly completed for the Rickshaw yet, but it’s a higher priority now. I’ve joked for a few years now that “Riding a bicycle is selfish. When you have a rickshaw, you share.” Today, I learned there’s some actual truth to that. I’m glad I went on the ride, but would have enjoyed sharing it with some passengers. I need to get that seat assembly done.

Coker Monster Cruiser

Lookie what I picked up in December of 2009, a Coker Monster Cruiser!

Monster Cruiser
Coker Deluxe Monster Cruiser

This is an earlier deluxe model, no longer in production. It is not modded, and has the factory black paint, chrome fenders, headlight, leather pouch, and Persons leather saddle. These were expensive new (over $1000 I believe), but thanks to boise.craigslist, I picked up this rare specimen in great condition for $275. Score!

Here’s my Coker featured one week on TV Cycle:

Here it is with my 1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser:

Coker Monster Cruiser vs. Schwinn
Size comparison between the Coker Monster Cruiser and a 1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser

Those are 36 inch tires on the Coker, compared to 26 inchers in the Schwinn. The seat is sitting at the lowest height setting in the picture and I need to lift it a little for my height (6 foot). As you might imagine, this ride gets some looks. Not nearly what the Rickshaw gets, but compared to the Schwinn it’s crazy.

One great thing about the Coker is the inefficiency. It’s a quicker and easier ride than the Rickshaw, though. I’ve enjoyed the Coker and am glad I bought it.

So, if you want to ride a bicycle with some size and mass, I recommend the Coker Monster Cruiser. Another great way to extend the S.U.V.-like “More is more” mentality to cycling. Two wheeled fun!