Trolley House for breakfast and a visit to Bikes2Boards

Another great day in this young Richshaw Season.

Went on two rides today. The first one was for breakfast with Bob. I thought, “Hey, let’s go to the Trolley House.” Bob had to be somewhere at 2pm, but I figured worse come to worst, we could cut the trip short and eat downtown. Well, that wasn’t a problem. I took the long way there and arrived in 45 minutes. We took our time eating, and still got back with o’plenty of time. Here’s a Google map that’s 80%+ accurate:
Google Map

The food was great, the whole staff seemed to get a kick out of the Rickshaw, and I logged about 6.5 miles, putting my total to 7.5 miles with passengers this year. The Warm Springs bike lanes have a very textured surface and are much slower and difficult than they look.

The second ride, without a passenger, was from home to Bikes2Boards and back. I took the ride to show them the whole Rickshaw, and to let them know the rear wheel was working nice. I took the Greenbelt home.

A great day for Rickshawing in Boise, Idaho.