TV Cycle – a new cycling TV program

I’ve been working on a cycling television series called TV Cycle. It premiered this week on Boise (Idaho, USA) cable channel 11 and is also available in HD on YouTube. More about the show at the TV Cycle web site. Here’s the premiere episode:

The rickshaw and the pedicab are in the intro sequence and thus will be on the show (briefly) every week for as long as the current intro sequence is used. Both will also have at least one future episode each as the featured ride as well.

Hauling a Television for TV Cycle

Rickshaw with TV
Rickshaw hauling a 1988 General Electric television
I’m working on a new TV program for Treasure Valley Community Television (Boise, Idaho public access cable TV) called TV Cycle, and I needed a TV to use in the opening sequence. I wanted a two knob side tuner set for the look, and had searched local thrift stores with no luck. They don’t accept TVs that crappy anymore.

My wife and I were driving home today and saw a house that was getting renovated. Out front was a bunch of beat up crap, including a 1988 GE two knob side tuner TV. Nice.

I went back to the house on the Schwinn not expecting to see anyone, but people were there. I plugged the TV set in and it looked like it might work (there’s no analog TV broadcasts to tune in, plus it is missing the antenna). The bungee cords with me weren’t long enough to hold it on the Wald rack, so I returned later with the rickshaw to haul it home. The TV barely fits on the floor grate behind the saddle, but it does.

I’m out $5, which is more than the TV is worth, but I now have a TV that we can use on the intro for TV Cycle. Problem solved. We’re going to mount the TV on my friend Bob’s Worksman cycle truck in place of the front basket for the shoot. This 1988 side tuner TV is much lighter than one made 10 years earlier, let alone one from 25 years earlier loaded with tubes. Bob’s Worksman could handle a heavier TV, but it’s nice that it won’t have to.