Astroliner: Two Months in

We’re two months into the first wave of the Astro Bikeliner project. One month left to go. Having never converted a van into a party bike AKA pub bike, there’s been a lot of learning and more remaining. Here’s where we are.

Joe, Bryce, Graden and Bob after the Astro roof cutting was completed
Joe, Bryce, Graden and Bob after the Astro roof cutting was completed

The van made it back from Garden City a few weeks ago to get the motor pulled out (and gas tank, and exhaust, and…) so it was pretty much a shell at that point. Really, the only things left were the dash, part of the A/C system, and the top of the van.

Astro with no motor
Chevy Astro with the motor and lots of other stuff gone.
Wiring pulled from Astro
The Astro had a lot of wiring in the ceiling, so I pulled that down before it was time to cut off the top.

After watching a few videos (including the one below), the idea of chopping the top off was less daunting.

So, we were at it. The Idaho Statesman came by and shot some video. They left before the top was off, but don’t worry, there’s pictures.

Astro top on trailer
All 230lbs of Astro roof loaded up and ready to be sold for scrap. Was sold for under $6, but that’s better than nothing and also, it’s gone!
Joe Cuts Windshield
Joe cut the busted windshield so we could quickly pull off the van’s top. The windshield was already busted, so why not?!

Astro B pillar getting chopped
Joe is cutting the passenger side B pillar
I’d like to thank Joe, Bob, and Graden for coming by for the top removal. Joe and Bob did the cutting. I tried to find things, moved things, and did some drilling. Graden came by to help and was on a corner when we pulled the top and it wouldn’t have come off without him. You really don’t want less than four people for that. Thanks again for all the help everyone.

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