Why Rickshaw?

People often ask me, “Why do you own a Rickshaw?” The short answer is “‘Cause it’s fun.” Let me explain.

I was working with Justin Mayfield here in Boise and he said he wanted a Rickshaw. This is no surprise, since he is an avid rider who has won a lot of races. I went to ebay and found some Rickshaws listed. He ordered in a smaller one, and it arrived. It got me thinking that I would enjoy having one too. I found a larger one with dual canopies for cheap and thought it might be fun. I bought it.

Four years later, I can safely say that it is fun. I get to haul friends and family around. I’ve come to understand the enjoyment some people get for cooking for friends and family. Well, I can’t cook for anything, but I can haul people I care about around town. It’s great.

The fun isn’t just riding. We’ve had some projects that have been fun. The new canopy Kelly completed in 2008 really makes the ride stand out. I had fun modding the tail lights to mount on the back.

I’ve also dropped quite a bit of weight from Rickshaw riding. My legs are in the best shape they’ve ever been in, and the rest of me is certainly better than in 2001. It can be quite a work out when you’re set at 700 pounds rolling, but it’s an enjoyable workout.

My Rickshaw is a piece of junk with ugly welds and frame flex galore, but it also one of the better purchases I have ever made. I look forward to the Rickshaw Season every year. Why? “‘Cause it’s fun.”

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